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Luxo 360 Task Lamp

Luxo Lamp 360 Task

Luxo’s latest Stephan Copeland designed LED task light offers distinctive design and outstanding functionality. 360’s revolutionary arm moves in unison with its rotating base boasting an unequaled combination of small footprint and long reach. Asymmetric distribution casts light horizontally across the worksurface optimizing the ergonomic lighting. Auto shut-off. Solid aluminum construction.

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Luxo WAVE+LED Magnifier And Lamp

Luxo Lamp WAVE+LED

The WAVE+LED Magnifier is Luxo’s newest, and most energy-efficient, addition to it’s growing line of WAVE+Plus Magnifiers. Now with two dimmable 6W LED lightsources which allow individual left/right lighting control. Auto shut-off feature further ensures energy savings. No knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust - a flexible, self-balancing shade and hands-free neck design allows the lamp head to be secured in any position.

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